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Check the cost of calling any country in the world. Enter an active serial number and then select destination to access rates for your phonecard

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Rates and Minutes shown for calling abroad from the UK is based on 0330 (UK Local) or 0808/0800 Freephone access numbers. Calls from any mobile phone maybe subject to charges from your network provider, please check before making your call. Calls made using a Freephone access number from a UK mobile will incur a surcharge of up to 9p per minute deducted from your card. All calls are billed in 60 second increments and rounded to the nearest minute (includes VAT)

Talk Direct Travel Phonecard rates shown for calling between countries abroad (or calling back to the UK) is based on using the originating country Freephone access numbers from a Landline or a Payphone. We cannot be held responsible for the performance of any mobile or third party network provider. See FAQs for more information

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